Queen Rearing & Equipment Review

Many new beekeepers are interested in queens and eventually they want to learn how to rear their own.

I’ve listed here beekeeping equipment, equipment that I recommend for queen rearing, and some graphs for learning bee biology (egg, larva, pupa, adult) development stages. It’s essential that anyone learning about queen rearing understand the development stages of the honey bee to understand colony growth and life cycle of each caste. The egg stage lasts about 3 days. The development rates vary between queen, worker, and drone. Queen and worker bees are female, and develop from a fertilized egg. Drones develop from an unfertilized egg, and take the longest to develop.

Additional documents are provided for educational and personal use. Best wishes in your queen rearing.

Queen Rearing Supplies – Dadant.com

Beekeeping Supplies – Local from Beekeepers.com

University of Arkansas – Queen Rearing Brochure

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